Vestigo Aerospace Awarded Phase II-Extended SBIR

Spinnaker 2 Dragsail Picture

Vestigo Aerospace Inc. has recently won the NASA Phase II-Extended Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award, which will provide funding for the commercialization of their dragsail product line. This marks a significant milestone for the company, as it represents a major opportunity to bring their cutting-edge technology to the small satellite and launch vehicle stage market.

The NASA Phase II-E contract is awarded to companies that have successfully completed Phase II of the SBIR program and have demonstrated the feasibility of their proposed technology. The program provides funding for the development of technologies that have the potential to benefit NASA and the broader aerospace industry.

Vestigo Aerospace's dragsail technology is an innovative solution for deorbiting space debris, which is becoming an increasingly urgent issue as the amount of debris in Earth's orbit continues to grow. The company's dragsails are designed to attach to spacecraft and use atmospheric drag to slow them down and bring them back to Earth, where they burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere.

The Phase II-E contract will provide Vestigo Aerospace with the resources they need to bring their dragsail technology to the commercial market. This will involve scaling up production, conducting further testing and refinement, and developing partnerships with other companies in the aerospace industry.

The commercialization of Vestigo Aerospace's dragsail technology has the potential to revolutionize the space industry by providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for removing space debris. This, in turn, could lead to safer and more sustainable space exploration and commercial activities.