10 July 2019: Lightsail 2 Mission Manager's Log

07/10/2019 Image

On July 9, the flight team developed and tested flight software updates related to the attitude determination and control subsystem, as summarized in the table below. The team is working toward completion of testing of all software updates for version 7, and will begin the uplink process this evening. Uplink of the full software patch is expected to take approximately two days. These changes address all of the critical anomalies that have been observed to date for ADCS modes 0 (detumble) and 1 (Z-axis alignment).

Software Update Tested on BenchSat? Software Version
Fix torquer initialization error Yes v7
Change to feed sun sensor angles to ADCS Yes v7
Update sun vector calculation from sun sensor angles input Yes v7
Change to sun sensor voting v7
Addition of sun sensor voting to ADCS_Status v7
Enable passive telemetry reporting for disabled ADCS sensors Yes v7
Longitude encoding fix Yes v7
Updated ADCS gains file to correct sun sensor and magnetometer coordinate transformation matrices v7
ADCS algorithm eclipse check fix No v8

Mission operators continued to downlink stored telemetry and images. A new two-line element (TLE) was uplinked to the spacecraft.

Today, the team will complete the testing of all software to be included in the v7 update, and will procede with uplinking the software patch.